Day 4: Face your fears 👻

Hey BeastModers! What are you afraid of? Let’s name them all!

Failure and rejection are easy ones because they’re so big. For me: fears of failing my exams, being rejected by jobs I’m going to apply for (not that I’ve even reached there o), and being rejected by my family for not wanting the things they want for me.

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This was not easy to write. But when I wrote it down, I felt its weight reduce. I could look at them logically and deconstruct them, and forget them. Love and light to you Owiredua.


Thank you Ropta :two_hearts: I’m glad for you, that this has helped you deal with your own fears.

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My biggest fear, I’m starting to realize, is actually dreaming/hoping/planning things for 2020. This time last year, I was in the midst of planning for 2019. I had goals and intentions and dreams. It was going to be a year with lots of hard work, but the outcome would be worth it.

Then everything exploded/imploded on January 2. I wasn’t able to achieve anything I set out to; in fact, I had to shelve it all and rethink all my personal/professional goals. 2019 has just felt like a huge letdown.

I’m afraid of wanting, I guess, and not even getting the opportunity to “try and fail.”

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