Day 2 and 3: Going to the future!

Hey BeastModers! Use this thread to share what some of you’re tryna accomplish next year!

I realized, just by doing this exercise, just how much I have neglected my own needs. As a writer, I always imagine, but adulthood and its hurdles made me imagine less about my future. I feel sad that I neglected myself for all these days, but I am happy with my new acquired power. I feel in control, that the future is a blank sheet and I have the pen.


I didn’t realise how much I just want to get away from my “normal” life of school and dealing with family, for a chance to focus on writing and relax. I feel like I’m always on edge or on full speed, and look forward to just being & doing. That’s what I imagine travel gives me, and it’s something I want to make happen. in the middle of next year.